We believe Legis Synergy's Licensing system is the most powerful Licensing CMS on the market. It deals with all the requirements of the Licensing Act 2003 and the latest Gambling Requirements. Clients, Premises, Licence holders, Local Authorities and Associated authorities are all automatically linked to the Licensing matter. Workflows for PLH, DPS variation, New Premises, Vary Premises, Transfer premises, Gambling, Gaming Machines, TEN's, Pavement, Planning, Interim Notices, Operating Licenses, Personal Licences, Premises and TUN licenses are all catered for. All the data is stored on the system allowing for impressive reporting to clients.

  • Choose Your Environment

    Legis can be offered either "on-premise" or in a Cloud/Hosted environment. Many of our clients choose our Cloud solution as it dramatically reduces their initial outlay (e.g. the cost of buying a server) and saves on their own IT resource (e.g. no need for backups or software updates) - you can either access Legis from any PC with an internet connection, or choose a secure connection via dedicated IP addresses.

  • Secure Online Client Portal

    If you choose our Cloud/Hosted environment, we can also offer you our Secure Online Client Portal. The Portal can be accessed from any PC with an internet connection and provides real-time information to clients on the progress of their cases. They can view/upload documents (saving the need to email/post) and they can also view any key dates that you want to make available to them - keeping them well informed whilst on the go.

  • Dashboard

    A powerful overview of all cases in the system. Selection criteria allows you to filter and sort the results. Option to save the results to Excel. Single click takes you into the case.

  • Document Management

    A powerful Document Management system that can search across all cases in the system, or simply display all incoming and outgoing documents for a single case. A simple drag and drop allows all incoming documents to be stored in the case. With features such as convert to PDF, bundling, copy to clipboard and print.

  • Workflows

    We work closely with you to develop and fine tune your work flows, which then drive your cases through the system, from creation to conclusion. Workflows inform on each stage reached and completed, generate Tasks and Reminders. Mutiple letters/Emails are created in a single process. You have complete control and can override at any stage.

  • All Parties

    All relevant parties are added to the matter at inception. Unlimited numbers of parties can be added to the case and viewed with a single click.

  • Information Tracking

    Track all requests for information and ensure reminders are generated.

  • Reporting

    Legis Synergy provides a powerful reporting facility, generating reports instantly. ReportMaker is a Report Wizard that allows you to select any data from the database to create your own tailor made Excel reports.

  • Time Recording (including clock)

    Automatic Time Recording on all documents and processes. The built in clock allows you to time record on any case in the system while remaining in your current case.