Legis Case Management Software

Application Types

Including, but not limited to...


  • Dashboard

    A powerful overview of all cases in the system. Selection criteria allows you to filter and sort the results. Option to save the results to Excel. Single click takes you into the case.

  • Workflow

    Workflow can be customised to meet your exact requirements. We can work with you to ensure you maximise the efficiencies that can be gained from using Legis Synergy.

  • Document Management

    A powerful Document Management system that can search across all cases in the system, or simply display all incoming and outgoing documents for a single case. A simple drag and drop allows all incoming documents to be stored in the case. With features such as convert to PDF, bundling, copy to clipboard and print.

  • Tasks

    Your Task List. Automated and driven by your unique workflow. Valid next actions are listed from across your case load, or for each specific case. For many Tasks, a single click is all it takes to action it.

  • Time Recording

    If you need it, automatically or manually time record actions. Charge rates for each Case Handler can be stored in the system.

  • MI Reporting

    Legis can report on any data stored in its powerful SQL database. Standard reports can be provided. Reports can be set to be distributed to defined contacts.

  • SMS Text Messaging

    Generate and send SMS messages automatically; by incorporating in the workflow, or manually. e.g. text a client to remind them to attend Court or a Medical Appointment.

  • Integration

    Legis uses industry standard methodologies such as XML and Web Services. Fully integrated with Forms generation software applications. Integrates with many Third Party products.

  • Electronic Signing

    Seamlessly integrated with both Adobe Sign and Omnisign for electonic signature approvals and agreements.

  • Wizards

    Create and maintain intellegent letters, documents, workflows and reports, through the use of user friendly wizards. Reporting information can be simply exported to Excel.